How can I help? I am a leading transformational coach, change agent, energy medicine practitioner, visionary (soon to be author) and co-founder of the international award winning learning and development organisation - RoundTable Global. My specialty is helping people heal from acute and chronic physical and emotional conditions, as well as facilitating profound change in peoples personal and professional circumstances.

Simply put - I help people heal themselves and transform their lives in time frames that are often considered impossible.


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Let me tell you a story...

From the day I stepped out of my West London apartment for the last time I didn’t know what was going to happen. I had decided to sell everything I own, end a long-term relationship and buy a plane ticket with a 12 month return date on it. 10 years later I was still on the road.

This was my first step of a thousand that took me on a global walkabout were I sought out adventures and stumbled on many more, many of which took me out of my comfort zone. In that time, I interacted with and exchanged teachings with a wide variety of people including entrepreneurs, mind-body chiropractors, nutritionists, martial artists, healers, shamans, alternative medicine practitioners, pain management specialists and strength and conditioning coaches...


What is it you actually do?

One of the most common questions asked is "what is it that I actually do?" People ask, because after experiencing either an individual or a group session people feel different, different in a way they can't always explain. Then they start to see changes in their life very soon after. Their physical issues and emotional patterns have lessoned or disappeared. Old relationship issues transform and new ones grow. This can create surprise and astonishment because the results happen in time frames not seen by conventional methods.

After being on the road for so long, it soon becomes very apparent that we are all students and teachers at the same time. Every interaction we have is always a two-way process, where both party's are sharing knowledge and wisdom at the same time. And it is in this space we have an opportunity to heal or enforce each others self-fulfilling stories.


What people are saying...

'In the time that I have spent with Denis the way I view so many things in life has changed for the better. My relationships with everyone I know are fantastic, my pain levels have gone from level 8 to 2 and even 0, and my business has grown at an almost uncontrollable pace.

I very much value the way Denis looks at the world and love the rare quality of his teachings. I have had the good fortune of meeting the best of the best across many professions and feel Denis is someone very unique and special. I have no doubt he can help anyone who wants to grow and make substantial improvements to their life.'

A Nobel - property entrepreneur

"By learning from every experience you encounter and by not entering the energy of bad, negative or wrong you will see a fundamental shift in the reality you create." Denis Liam Murphy
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I feel brilliant...

'I am connected to myself in a way that I haven’t been for some time - arguably since a newborn - and it feels so good. I feel lighter in body and a lot less physical shame. I feel I can move on and it feels empowering and exciting. i most transformative shift has been with my autistic son. In fact I am welling up as I write this. He is oozing love, he quite literally doesn’t know what to do with it - hugging strangers in the tube station, museum, his teachers, headmistress. He seems more secure in himself, less angry. My husband too is continuing to feel more grounded, calm and so strong and this has had a great impact on our relationship. Thank you.’


Henrietta - Founder of Wild Nutrition

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I had many pains...


'It was a synchronousevent meeting Mr Denis Murphy, a down to earth, loving, wonderful man. I had many pains linked to emotional thought as I already knew. While sharing treatments, he reminded me of the message few of us carry for the greater good. Thank you my star brother for taking me and walking beside me on my way home to Pueblo Bomito Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. My eyes are no longer deteriorating, in fact they are repairing, my glasses are now far too strong. My shoulder, hip and back are without pain after so many years and my new journey immediately opened for the indigenous American Medicine Clinic I am opening up shortly. Within days immediate results are happening beforehand, I was able to help others but not myself, this is no longer the case. Denis reminded me that to move forward without pain we must learn from and release the old and allow the new. Thank you.' Hozhoni Na Has Dli Tso Was, Ahe'E'i.'

Oatzinu She'e'lake'e' - High Chief Li pa Henne Tribe