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Frozen Shoulder

Wow! What did you do? I had a frozen shoulder for 6 months and my doctor and physiotherapist said it was going to take at least another 6 months before I would get normal function back. When I saw you I could only move my arm a few inches from my side. 10 minutes later I could move my arm like I had never had an issue! Incredible. Thank you Denis



Since the retreat many things have changed but most noticeably I released a deeply imprinted belief about ‘female lack of worth’. I have now stepped into my truth and can see my path clearly. Since the retreat I have not taken HRT and I am feeling energised and sleeping very well which is a big difference!

Thank you Denis for all you do for so many!





10 years of pain gone! I am still in a state of disbelief my wrist pain has disappeared and only after one session with you. When you mentioned to me how you have helped many other people with arthritis I was very skeptical. You told me it was not about mind over matter but rather a mindset change. I have to be honest, this just made me more skeptical. Needless to say, I am still non the wiser what happened but the pain is still gone weeks later. Thank you, thank you x


During our sessions/workshops we shared I have noticed beautiful changes in me, such as more self-confidence, better relationships, more joy, fear reduced to almost none!. Sometimes miraculous evens. I would like to tell those who do not know you yet, with Denis simplicity is key, no techniques, no drama, just unexpected miraculous long-lasting changes. Thank you Denis.
— Natasha
My husband had a rally great experience with Denis. He had no idea what he was walking into as it was a birthday surprise. He said he felt muscles that he never knew existed when Denis was treating him. Ernest has had a knee injury for years which Denis Picked up on and now he has no pain even when playing beach tennis which is amazing! He also has a lot more energy then usual! Thank u!!!!
— Laura
I run a boutique M&A hedge fund. I was unbelievably stress and on top of that I broke my foot on a business trip. After 8 months in bed, the foot didn’t heal. I was told that I will never be able to walk in high heels or run again. I was in pain with every single step My session was like a breath of fresh air and to be clear - I am all about logic and facts.

I mentioned my broken foot to Denis which never healed and I have a number of CT and MRI scans with top private doctors. Denis just smiled…my foot is still fully recovered after 2 years. I do run and wear high heels.

I had another session recently with Denis, suddenly yet again everything is flowing into place, and amazing things are happening right now. Thank you for everything!
— Maria