90 Minute INDIVIDUAL Session


90 Minute INDIVIDUAL Session


In this session Denis will address your physical and emotional issues. 

This session is conducted either in person or via Skype (denisLmurphy1)

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"Denis has a gift and he uses this to help people rid themselves of pain they may have had for years. A year ago I was ready to have an operation on my hands to cure me of my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had constant pins and needles in my hands and pain in my knuckles that was starting to make my fingers hurt. I also had a pain in my right shoulder that had been there, on and off, for many years.

Denis was able to get rid of the pain in my shoulder, hands and knuckles within 2 hours! I have not had the pain since. I feel stress free and ready to take on the world. He was able to help me deal with certain issues within my personal life, emotional blocks that were stopping me and give me explanations on why these were having a negative impact on me."

Ulpa Chauhan  - Entrepreneur 


"Denis has converted me from a total sceptic to a true believer. Having cured a pain in my back which had troubled many specialists for over 6 years, i was amazed to see results in just ONE HOUR!

He has now become me and my family's one stop shop for remedies, motivation and a healthy life. The most astounding thing he has done to date has given my 76 year old father a brand new lease on life and the ability to walk up straight and with his head held high.


Sameer Jalali - Regional Manager