60 Minute Individual Session

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60 Minute Individual Session

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Testimonials after one in peson session:

"I want to thank you so much for giving me a new perspective in life. I was kind of lost in my little world questioning myself as to whether this is all my life will amount to. I was struggling around with feelings, fear, anger, hate, pain, work and my weight.

After this week everything got another perspective. I am much more focused, everything seems to be so easy and clear and I am much more connected with myself. No struggling, no forcing life etc.

My whole eating behavior changed completely. For that I am so grateful. My shoulders are very relaxed and no heavy feeling! Now I have realised everything is coming out of myself, I now have the power to change anything!

After the session I felt very tired, exhausted but much easier feeling in my soul. My legs, arms and brain felt heavy. I had a great feeling like all my vital parts/organs are working. I had a dream of my parents fighting and my mother crying. I woke up at 4 am as my stomach made crazy noises.

I also felt pins and needles in my right hand/fingers/shoulders. In the morning my blood pressure was 124/81 P55 which is pretty good for me. My mind was clear, I ate breakfast much slower and it tasted different. I actually chewed my food and didn’t just swallow it. I had no feeling of extreme hunger. Food seemed less complicated. I also didn’t rush eating. I also felt like I wanted to start working out again without any excuses. I am much more relaxed and my right leg is not hurting in the morning any more. Additionally, I had no fear on the highway, I had clear focus of mind.

The next night I went out. Alcohol didn’t feel good for me and I was very tired. However, more people seemed to be coming up to me then normal and I noticed that my family changed. They looked more relaxed and happier.

Considering my Horse, this was amazing. My horse wanted to work with me. He put his head into the halter himself. I could feel a closeness with my horse. What was funny he was also making funny nosies with his stomach when I touched him. We felt free and not in a rush by anything. I had a feeling nothing could bring me out of this feeling. This was the first time that I really thought of the needs of my horse and now I love giving my horse the soul freedom he deserves. We had such a deep connection that we could go anywhere together and he was by my side - so perfect. I could tell that my mind and body were so much more relaxed and the horse felt it. My shoulders were relaxed all the time which hadn’t been there before!!! I really felt I was working on level 1 as Hempfling (Horse whisper) says. No fear, no aggression, no prejudice, no force just being. The way he was responding to me was amazing!!! 

I also worked with another horse as the owner said she doesn’t want to cooperate with her. I took the horse and she was following me without any question. I felt really connected with myself and the horse! 

During our session you asked me to think of someone that makes me angry. Well, I can’t believe it but we are now communicating in a good way. I also had a great lesson today concerning the same person. I started to think of her in the old negative way, and almost immediately she started to respond negatively - of course!!! It makes so much sense now.

At the office I felt strangely relaxed. I have never had this before and as a result I noticed other people looked much more relaxed. This was an awesome change. I am super happy with the affect the session has had on my blood pressure. It has normalised to a point where I feel that I don’t need my medication anymore :DDDDD.

Best wishes for your book and your future adventures. I was very grateful that we met!"

Christine - Horse Trainer


"A friend recommended Denis with regards to an eye condition that had started to deteriorate yet again and fairly rapidly after 2 operations. I was getting severe headaches on a daily basis along with visual disturbances regularly. I found driving very uncomfortable and avoided it. I dreaded long distance or evening journeys and took public transport wherever possible.

I was told that the only treatment options available for such a problem if it worsened after my 2nd operation would be to undergo another surgery or invasive treatment with a toxin that I was not keen to pursue. It is not ideal to have more than 3  of the surgeries in one lifetime due to scar tissue formation, which complicates the overall results and makes them even more unpredictable. Both options carried significant risks and no guarantee that the condition would improve long term. 

After just 1hr with Denis, I noticed an immediate improvement with my eyes. It has been a week and I have been able to drive long and short distances without that silent dark fear that used to accompany me every time.

I am indebted to Denis for what he has been able to do to me and am a true believer in his gift! I have an appointment at Moorfields in less than a month and am sure that they will be shocked to see the change in my eyes. I doubt that they will suggest any treatment whatsoever. 

Thank you so much for lifting this tremendous brick of anxiety off my shoulders and showing me that I am in control."

Anonymous - Dentist