3 x 90+ Minute COUPLES sessions


3 x 90+ Minute COUPLES sessions

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"I'm writing to let you know that we recently had a healthy daughter - born 17th September, weighing in at a healthy 8lb 4ozs and now spending most of the time clamped to Lyndsey, feeding away! We wanted to thank you so much for the help you gave us in helping Elodie come into this world - speaking to you at the tail end of last year really helped us realign ourselves, and we hold your services in the highest regard (and tell all our friends about you)..."

Lyndsey and Hamish - Happy parents 


"Around a year ago a friend recommended that I meet up with Denis. 

At the time my wife and I had been trying for a baby for 3 years and were close to the point of accepting that we wouldn't have children. I was also managing some songwriters and a recording artist, but things had stagnated a bit, not much was happening. I'd never done anything like this before so after much discussion with my wife and if I'm honest a fair amount of skepticism I arranged to see him.

The day after seeing Denis for the first time I got an email from an a&r at one of the major record labels requesting a meeting. We saw Denis again three times after. Around three months later my wife fell pregnant. 12 months later we are the proud parents of twins (boy & girl and they both look just like me!). The songwriters that I manage are now signed to one of the biggest publishing companies around. My artist now has a three album record deal with a major record label. 

Coincidences? Maybe. All I know, and truly believe, is that after seeing Denis a lot of positive things started to happen in my life. Almost on a daily basis!"

Tyrone - Entrepreneur


"It is hard to find the words to express my appreciation for the work that Denis does. It is just incredible, to witness layers of pain /fear : physical or emotional come to surface and then disappear or lessen with  the magic of his work… a work done with so much love , passion and wisdom. Also working with a sense humour which at times lightens the “seriousness “of a situation. I, at least, have experienced that!. The mindset is changed instantly without going through any dramatic experiences; that’s just the beginning.

Miracles can and do happen every day. Incredible subtle changes keep taking place. I initially failed to notice them because I used to be obsessed with a narrow, petty definition of success, and Denis changed my whole perception around that and here is how:

My first meeting with Denis was a short one.. Just to see who this new guy is and how he could do to help me out. Just an introductory talk where I was telling him about my knee pain which has been with me for many years; and as I was talking, I noticed he moved his hands and I thought OK maybe he is bored. I left the room after 30 mins and as I was getting down I could not feel my knee pain. I said to myself that cannot be possible. I started to bend my knee and looking for that pain. It was TRULY gone. I never looked back …. Priceless.

My relationship with my boss was not really a great one. All these years I was beating myself up for being not good enough or playing the blame-game.  Denis just taught me how the situation can change by just taking responsibility of it all as I am creating it.  It did change much to my surprise and still is changing…. Priceless.

I used to be obsessed about my weight and been a health freak for long as I can remember. Personal trainers & diets have been in my agenda for a long time and funnily enough, I was never able to reach my goals. On the contrary I was putting on weight with the stress and pressure I was getting from it all. Denis just had to tell me “listen to your body” and see what happens. I did not know what to think, yet. I did exactly what he suggested. I have stopped all my sessions with the Personal Trainer. Now, I have never been so at ease with myself …… Priceless.

Another change that happened a few months ago is that I could travel by myself to India after my 2nd session with Denis. Never dreamt of being able to take “ME time” as normally I would take my vacations and visit my family. This is HUGE for me as I always had a fear of being judged by the family and that I was letting them down. Taking 10 days off for myself was an amazing experience. I would repeat that anytime, anywhere. A real boost of self-confidence….. Priceless
Last but not the least, a situation that really shattered my whole existence which involved my father. A situation that was beyond my comprehension as it touched him so much. In my world, no one had the right to target him in that way. Denis really helped us go through it with an ease and objectivity. He made me see things through a different lense and perspective. It took me some time to know where he wanted me to focus. And that focus was to completely get out of the whole story… a “soap opera” as we named it. We are in a much better space right now even though the final scene of the “soap opera” is yet to be discovered ….as he always say “the unknown is just so exciting”…… Priceless

I would really like to thank Denis for his time and dedication to help me find my way and empowering me to be where I want to be in life. He has taught me how to be creative and not fearful of my thoughts and to manage situations and be able to express myself confidently. In short, Denis has allowed some part of me to shine! ……Priceless

I would recommend him to anyone and anytime… THANK YOU Denis."

Sunita: PA