3 X 60 Minute INDIVIDUAL Sessions


3 X 60 Minute INDIVIDUAL Sessions

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"I’m blessed to meet many magical folks in the field . . . and every now and again, someone pops up with an undisputed X-Factor. Denis is one of those for me.

Working as Derren Brown’s personal fitness trainer many years ago sparked his research and practice into the intimate connection between the mind, body and spirit. During his worldwide spiritual walkabout Denis has experienced many cultures, people, shamans and healing modalities of which he brings to his unique treatments and workshops. 

You’d go a long way to find a more powerful and effective one-on-one self development session - HIGHLY recommended."

Adrienne Levonian - Artistic Director and Events Organiser


"I was blessed to have had 3.5 sessions with Denis. I went to see Denis because I felt that I was not in flow with life and was not creating the life I truly wanted. I had started a new business and it was taking so much time, energy and effort and the investors that I wanted to attract were not coming. This angst that I felt was starting to take formed in my body - with intense pains in my kidney and colon areas. 

So much has changed in my world in the three weeks that I have been working with Denis and they are very specific. The most powerful one is the difference that I feel in my own beingness - I feel less afraid, more powerful and confident that I am truly on the right path and deserve every bit of it. I feel in flow with life. I now know I create my own reality and that everyone around me is a teacher to help me with my own expansion. This used to be a concept for me that I spent years and years trying to know. I am not punishing myself for my reality anymore, rather am nourishing and taking tender care of me. 

I am laughing more at all of it which is a huge shift in itself. Here are some very specific things that have happened: 

Immediately after my first healing I stopped eating sugar. I created the home on the vibrant water front that I have been 'trying to do' for many months. The home came to me magically the very next day after my session with Denis.  My relationships have completely transformed. Those that were born from shared values have been strengthened. Those that did not have the same intentions have dropped away. I stopped resisting being successful in the world. I am also writing again. Before I saw Denis my mind was so muddled and I couldn't sit down to write anything without a lot of struggle and discipline. It is now effortless. I have neutralized my feelings toward people I was really judging and full of rage and anger at and then chastising myself for feeling this way when I was supposed to be this 'spiritual being'. I feel lighter in every way.
Thank You Denis, so very, very, very much."

Lynn - Entrepreneur