One of the most common questions asked is "what is it that you actually do?" They ask, because after experiencing either an individual or a group session people feel different, different in a way they can't always explain. Then they start to see changes in their life very soon after. Their physical issues and emotional patterns have lessoned or disappeared. Old relationship issues transform and new ones grow. This can create surprise and astonishment because the results happen in time frames not seen by conventional methods. 

Bruce Lee's quote "take what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is essentially your own" is fundamental to Denis's approach because he sees everyone as a teacher - whether they know it or not. So, during his extensive travels around the world he has learned something from everyone he has encountered. The result is an amalgamation of all those teachings coupled with his life's long adventures to devise a unique service which utilises logical and rational reasoning coupled with imaginative and creative practices with the purpose of affecting our energy, frequency and vibration. As Nicola Tesla said "“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

We are ultimately feeling beings. This is our primary form of communication. Our verbal expression and body language is important for sure, but it is the energy, the feeling behind the words, which we really internalise and respond to. Our response is dependent on our perception of the situation. Our perception is fuelled by our ancestral influence and our current life experiences. Denis encourages people to be curious and question their beliefs they know about and help them become aware of the ones they are not aware of. The end result is a mindset which is more authentically free, open and limitless.

This mindset facilitates a space where change and transformation can occur. The individual or group soon realises they have the innate ability to heal themselves and it has been their own mindset and the limiting mindset of others which has prevented this from happening before. This is where Denis spends much of his time; providing a space to help people energetically release from fears and emotional patterns which are not serving them. On one level the result is a rejuvenated mind and body where people look and feel younger and more energised. On another level, this enables energy which was being used to keep the person in a survival mindset move to one where they wish to thrive. The ultimate beneficiary is our planet as we soon discover our innate desire to help it flourish as well as all its inhabitants. 

THANK YOU very much for the amazing & authentic experience!

I’m checking in with you by sharing that I feel different, more authentic, relaxed, lighter and much more in contact with my body. The weekend was very exhaustive and I felt like not going to work just to enjoy the start of this journey even more and to stay in the experience longer. I have been reflecting a lot, sharing my new insights with my husband, my family and my dear friends and I believe this will continue for some time. I truly feel that this is the start of a journey for me and I look forward to it!
— Edina de Jong - Organisation Development Manager & HR Business Partner DanTrade
I expected the normal run of the mill approaches, but was incredibly astounded when Denis used a technique I have never seen nor heard off…Denis managed to alter my state on a cellular level, with proof in actual lab tests. I experienced physical somatics but more over fear started to move away…I simply love how Denis empowers his clients with his knowledge rather than having you come back time and again. He beliefs with the right mindset you can stay fearless and always heal yourself.
— Leonora - Entrepreneur