Mission Statement 

RoundTable brings together the creative and corporate worlds in exciting and mutually beneficial learning environments. We are passionate about creating symbiotic relationships between the two cultures where transformation, innovation and a new style of leadership becomes effortless.
Our talented global contributors design and deliver innovations and solutions using unique methodologies that encourage organisations, communities and individuals to go beyond what they think is possible. We are constantly redefining business norms and creating new ways to unlock potential.  
This coming together of imagination, creativity and play provides an exciting place for change to occur in both personal and professional lives. Ultimately, the cumulative affect of this approach promotes a fearless culture where effortless change will happen in the world around us.

Guiding principles

  • To create communities and environments where individuals can bring their whole selves ‘to life’
  • To encourage and provide environments where a constant state of learning is experienced
  • To develop a global society where individuals are empowered to tap into both masculine and feminine energies for leadership, innovation and change
  • To provide platforms of innovation where the corporate and creative worlds can constructively learn and teach
  • We are aware of the interconnectivity of individuals, corporations and nature and the importance of this connection to ensuring profitability, sustainability and community engagement

The first mixed Shine programme

David Fisher from HR in London attended the first mixed Shine empowerment programme and gives his reflections on the experience.

“I was privileged to attend the first mixed Shine programme run by MHI and the Bank in March 2016, led by Tiffany Kelly and her colleagues. I was joined by Tracy Poon, Clare Stevenson, Bruce Keenanand Max Vincenti from the Bank and Paula Chitty, Jeffrey Gilmore, and Jonathan Beverley from MHI.

The aim of the programme is to encourage male and female staff to work together to create an empowering working environment. It is also to create an inclusive working environment where both genders can fulfil their potential and make a balanced contribution to the organisation.

I have been asked to give my reflections on the programme.

The first thing I noticed was the relaxed learning environment – we were two floors up in a large attic room that was full of colour and interesting textual furnishings that said – “this is not an office!”  Over the next three days I, and colleagues, went through a process of self insight to identify how we were stopping ourselves from being more successful and to practise ways to energise our approach to our careers and life. This involved freeing ourselves from self limiting messages we may tell ourselves, from the baggage of the pastand approaching the world “as if for the first time”.

I will not give away any surprises that occur during the programme. But I will say that this course involves a number of different approaches that, for those willing to learn about themselves, are refreshing and insightful. We were supported by 4 professionals (including Tiffany Kelly) who all had their unique experiences and skills which they brought to bear to help us learn. I was impressed by the approach taken. In my professional field of people development we call it positive affirmation. Learning is based on a recognition of the innate value and contribution we all can make to human productivity and happiness. Even while most of us struggle to cope with aspects of work and non work demands, the course reminds us of the unique people we are and the massive potential we all have to change the world around us (in small or big ways – our choice). We learned that to influence change around us is to take personal responsibility and this is best illustrated by that great expression – “leadership steps into a vacuum”. It means that leaders identify where something should be happening and make it happen.  Another key message was that it is up to us to take responsibility to make changes for the better (both in life and work) and it is just as important to recognise what is different when such changes are made.

But it is not a course that ignores the world of work. It just starts by treating us as whole people with our different demands, personalities, wants, needs, likes and dislikes. It encourages us to examine how we see ourselves as a starting point and then to examine how we might be in the world that would make us more effective and blissful. 

Elements of the programme enabled us to get in touch with our own creativity, authenticity and freedom of expression. It was a great way of understanding how truly great leaders access a different type of energy on which they base their inspiration and their authentic communications with others. 

Above all, we worked with colleagues, all of whom have their story to tell and whose lives are a source of inspiration and support. Our journey continues in our Shine groups with people we know better than when we started, with people who are as great and as fallible as they want to be, with people who now see no benefit in being and acting “small”, and with people who deserve and command the utmost respect. I think it will be an exciting journey.”

David Fisher - HR Director Mizuho Bank May 2016.