What I have learnt...

...that I have a talent for helping people find the possible in their impossible. After spending thousands of hours with individuals and groups I have come to realise we are not as different as we might think. Whether it is someone with billions of dollars, a celebrity, a child or someone with extreme debt or trauma, many have the same fears, insecurity’s and mindsets. What I have learnt is that we can all transform and heal once we question all that is unquestionable and transcend our blame-based mindset.

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I run a boutique M&A hedge fund. I was unbelievably stressed. And on top of that I broke my foot on a business trip. After 8 months in bed, the foot didn’t heel. I was told that I will never be able to walk in high heels or run again. I was in pain with every single step. My session with Denis was like a breath of fresh air. And to be clear - I am all about logic and facts.

I have a number of CT and MRI scans with a top private podiatry clinic. Denis just smiled…my foot is still fully recovered after one session 2 years ago. I do run and wear high heels. Recently I had another session with Denis, suddenly yet again everything seems to be flowing into its place. And amazing things are happening…right now…thank you for everything.
— Maria - Entrepreneur
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Question the Unquestionable

I believe one of the reasons I am able to help people where others haven’t been able to, is because I have spent many years questioning what is deemed unquestionable. I made it a point to question what I had been told is ‘truth’ by all sections of the self-help, philosophical, business and spiritual world. I distilled what I have learnt into a philosophy that plays into the paradox that the universe in which we live is infinitely complex and magically simple. 

This does not mean what I am offering is the ‘truth’ it is an interpretation of what has been on offer. An interpretation that I believe has not been offered to the world before. This is indeed a bold statement. One that I am confident will be acknowledged by anyone who decides to experience what I have to offer.

I have many individual success stories over the last decade. During the last three years, our company RoundTable Global, is testament to how transferable these philosophies are to the corporate world.

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Fear and Mindset

Fear and what happens in our minds are often grouped together, in a way that attracts a similar approach - we must control and conquer them! They have been demonised as things that get in the way of our success and happiness. It is because of this misconception that many people experience physical and emotional pain rather than the peace and fulfilment that is available to us all.

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was amongst the 40 or so people you gave a talk to at the meet up group in Melbourne. During your 2 hour talk I was very skeptical about what you were saying and what you demonstrated in front of us. Watching peoples ailments dishpear looked like a trick. When you did the group work I didn’t feel anything special happen to me even though other people seemed to get something out of it. Basically, I walked out of the room thinking nothing had happened. However, with all that said I would like to let you know that the week which followed your presentation was the first time in 64 years that I am happy to be alive. Thank you very much.
— Carol - Housewife
I just wanted to write to you to say thank you!! I was writing a list of things I’m grateful for this morning and I just stopped and thought about how much my life has changed since our session last year. Before I saw you I was working lots of hours in a job I didn’t like and barely making any money. I was getting no dancing work and just felt miserable (even though I thought I was being positive!) After I saw you things started to change. It dawned on me what I could do for work which I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of before. I’ve also attracted more dancing work into my life and am feeling happier in general. I just wanted to share that with you from complete and utter gratitude for doing what you do.
— Jessica - Dancer
SAP Young Professionals program in Brazil.

SAP Young Professionals program in Brazil.