Blame-free Learning Mindset...

Regardless of what ecosystem we find ourselves, whether it is at work, home, in the gym or on the sports field, it is not the action or event that determines what happens or how we and others respond - it is our mindset.


Our mindset contains known and unknown beliefs as well the morals we have inherited and the values we have grown, all of which form our perception of the world. The overriding mindset that is being taught today is one focused on fear, blame and avoidance.. The popular solution is to have a positive mental attitude. As logical as this can seem, it is not a sustainable strategy. The energy required to keep this coping mechanism active is finite and as such there is a toll on our mind and body.

There is an alternative strategy, one that produces profound and sustainable results for our mind, body and life situations. It is what I am referring to as a blame-free learning mindset…

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Question the unquestionable

I believe one of the reasons I am able to help people where others haven’t been able to, is because I have spent many years questioning what is deemed unquestionable. I made it a point to question what I had been told is ‘truth’ by all sections of the self-help, philosophical, business and spiritual world. I distilled what I have learnt into a philosophy that plays into the paradox that the universe in which we live is infinitely complex and magically simple. It is complex due to the vast amount of theories and magically simple when we understand the impact blame has on our lives.

This does not mean what I am offering is the ‘truth’ it is an interpretation of what has been on offer. An interpretation that I believe has not been offered to the world before. This is indeed a bold statement. One that I am confident will be acknowledged by anyone who decides to experience what I have to offer.

I have many individual success stories over the last decade. During the last four years, our company RoundTable Global is testament to how transferable these philosophies are to the corporate world.

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Fear and blame-based cultures

We have inherited a mindset that is fear and blame-based, which has created fear and blame-based cultures in our homes, offices and sporting environments. Fear and our subconscious are often grouped together, in a way that attracts a similar approach - they are here to hold us back and self-sabotage us, so we must control and conquer them! They have been demonised as things that get in the way of our success and happiness. It is because of this misconception that many people experience physical and emotional pain rather than the peace and fulfilment that is available to us all.

I don’t know if you remember me, but I was amongst the 40 or so people you gave a talk to at the meet up group in Melbourne. During your 2 hour talk I was very skeptical about what you were saying and what you demonstrated in front of us. Watching peoples ailments dishpear looked like a trick. When you did the group work I didn’t feel anything special happen to me even though other people seemed to get something out of it. Basically, I walked out of the room thinking nothing had happened. However, with all that said I would like to let you know that the week which followed your presentation was the first time in 64 years that I am happy to be alive. Thank you very much.
— Carol - Housewife
I just wanted to write to you to say thank you!! I was writing a list of things I’m grateful for this morning and I just stopped and thought about how much my life has changed since our session last year. Before I saw you I was working lots of hours in a job I didn’t like and barely making any money. I was getting no dancing work and just felt miserable (even though I thought I was being positive!) After I saw you things started to change. It dawned on me what I could do for work which I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of before. I’ve also attracted more dancing work into my life and am feeling much happier. I just wanted to share that with you from complete and utter gratitude for doing what you do.
— Jessica - Dancer
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Our session helped me enormously. The pain and discomfort I was experiencing in my shoulder has gone. I reconnected with the joy and freedom inherent in the concept of the business I’m setting up. I went straight to Ireland to pack up my aunt’s house and managed through it - it was hard at times and I’m still grieving for her. My brother apologised to me for the first time EVER in his life following the few days I spent with him in Ireland. Lots came to the surface and lots has moved forward. Thank you for all that you do.
— A Brittain
It’s weird Denis or maybe not actually but it’s wonderful to feel free. I have stopped trying to control my mind and the whole thinking process. I’v been trying to control my own mind and my feelings hence trying to control others and it is so freeing not to do that now. I really have done so much, traveled the world, been famous everything I wanted to do I’ve done it. Now I just want a still life if that makes sense? :)

Life’s got so much better Denis than what it use to be and I feel so settled here where i live right now. Thank you
— Singer Songwriter