Denis Liam Murphy is an internationally renowned development coach, visionary and energy medicine practitioner. He combines his thousands of coaching hours, business acumen, extensive worldwide travel and varied cultural exposure with the latest mind-body medicine and energetic knowledge. This enables him to offer a truly unique and unparalleled personal development experience. He is most famously known for helping individuals, entrepreneurs and companies become more successful in unimaginable time frames.

In the time that I have spent with Denis the way I view so many things in life has changed for the better. My relationships with everyone I know are fantastic, my pain levels have gone from level 8 to 2 and even 0, and my business has grown enormously at an incredibly exciting pace. I very much value the way Denis looks at the world and love the rare quality of his teachings. I have had the good fortune of meeting the best of the best across many professions and feel Denis is someone very unique and special. I have no doubt he can help anyone who wants to grow and make substantial improvements to their life.
— Adam Nobel - Australian Property Entrepreneur (
“A friend recommended Denis with regards to an eye condition that had started to deteriorate yet again and fairly rapidly after 2 operations. I was getting severe headaches on a daily basis along with visual disturbances regularly. I found driving very uncomfortable and avoided it. I dreaded long distance or evening journeys and took public transport wherever possible.

I was told that the only treatment options available for such a problem if it worsened after my 2nd operation would be to undergo another surgery or invasive treatment with a toxin that I was not keen to pursue. It is not ideal to have more than 3 of the surgeries in one lifetime due to scar tissue formation, which complicates the overall results and makes them even more unpredictable. Both options carried significant risks and no guarantee that the condition would improve long term.

After just 1hr with Denis, I noticed an immediate improvement with my eyes. It has been a week and I have been able to drive long and short distances without that silent dark fear that used to accompany me every time.

I am indebted to Denis for what he has been able to do to me and am a true believer in his gift! Thank you so much for lifting this tremendous brick of anxiety off my shoulders.
— Medical Practitioner