Testimonial from Bhutan retreat February 2015

"I've written quite a few testimonials for various things over the course of my life, but this one is especially near and dear to my heart. In November of 2014 I had made a firm decision to join an amazing retreat to Bhutan which was facilitated by Soniyaa, with workshops conducted by Denis. For reasons I don't really even understand now, I fought very hard to get out of the trip for 3 months. After exhausting myself, and having a "chance" conversation with a friend, I realized that there was a power beyond me (or maybe my higher self at work) which knew that this trip was a must for me. When February 2015 came, I begrudgingly packed my bags, realizing that I was going to be leaving my 2 year old for the longest period ever, I was 3 months pregnant (with constant nausea and fatigue) and that I was going to have to fly to get to our destination (former aerophobe here). To put it bluntly, I was not excited. 

Fast forward through 7 days of absolutely phenomenal and indescribable experiences. The following are just a fraction of the things that occurred, thanks to the magical energy of Bhutan as well as the special gifts Denis has to help facilitate a profound amount of healing (on all levels) in such a short amount of time.

1) I learned to discontinue being so overprotective of my daughter. I realized I was holding her hostage in an unhealthy energetic bubble and before I even returned, the growth in me sparked a beautiful change in her to become more independent and, most importantly, happier. 

2) I never thought this was going to be fully possible, but my fear of flying completely disappeared. I thought I'd at least have a few butterflies during turbulence but nope...nothing. I've had a severe phobia for about 23 years and the fear just vanished. 

3) I used to get severe car sickness so would have to always ride in the front of the car, looking straight through the windshield. This improved dramatically to the point I could ride in the back of the bus, while turned around having conversations without feeling ill. 

4) I discovered and released a lot of pain I had no idea was buried in me. Some of these were things that have kept me weak and insecure for my entire life, and now I feel as though I've broken free from my cocoon, spread my wings and blossomed into a beautiful butterfly. 

5) I got an inspirational idea in one of the workshops for a project to help spark creativity in children while also providing an opportunity for parent/child bonding. I wrote 12 pages, just in the workshop and only a week after arriving back from our trip, I have just about completed the project. I am now sourcing to manufacture my idea and sell it across the world. 

6) The inspirational idea above, coupled with a workshop I attended just after arriving back from Bhutan, sparked another idea for a unique book for children. (That will be a work in progress). Wow, and oddly enough, as I'm typing this it just put another idea in my head to facilitate an international gathering of children/teens, via the web to introduce the newest generation to their power of energy through collectiveness. (Watch this space). 

7) I learned that an energetic connection can be much more powerful and fulfilling than even a physical connection (although physical contact is a must). This awareness completely changes how I will approach any potential intimate relationship in the future, and I have a feeling, will lead to the healthiest and happiest one(s) I've ever had. 😎 

I connected with so many people from all walks of life. Some of them I know I will remain friends with for this lifetime. I learned a lot about myself and experienced tremendous personal growth because of them and I'm especially grateful for that. I could type so much more but all in all, this was the experience of a lifetime, but it won't be the last time. Thank you for such an incredible opportunity. I will always remember it and look forward to the next retreat I am able to attend."

Lots of Love, Sharene