Photography courtesy of Tony Novak-Cliford

In early 2015 Denis Murphy, Tiffany Kelly and Charlotte Tiley co-founded RoundTable Global, an organisation focused on developing authentic leadership capacity for change and innovation. One of the core principles of RoundTable is to demonstrate what is possible when individual and collective mindsets change from one of blame and limitation to one of learning and endless creative solutions. The process of transitioning from one mindset to the other has been one of the most enlightening and rewarding aspects of their coaching sessions and programmes. 

"At RoundTable we are leading a resurgence in leadership and entrepreneurialism where a different mindset is being sought. One that is based on taking full responsibility for our lives which leads to collaborative and authentic learning mindset based on supportive competition, fear-less decision making and bringing our whole self to everything we do. 

We have an ethos of bringing the creative and corporate worlds together for profound and mutual learning. By combining imaginative, creative and innovative methodologies we enable clients to recognise their full potential as individuals so they are able to affect change in their daily lives while at the same time future proofing their organisations. 

We have adopted an open source approach to learning where ideas can be taken and expanded upon. Now the fear of gaining and keeping clients is gone we are able to see the bigger picture of what will help our planet and ourselves rejuvenate, become sustainably healthy and prosperous."

Denis Murphy, RoundTable Global

...I’m still moving forward nicely. Thanks for all your help over this past year it has helped me change drastically. And when I change those around me change as you say and I see it!
— Kate G - Teacher

The power of imagination at RoundTable Global’s Three Global Goals - Three Generations London event @thejetty

A friend recommended Denis with regards to an eye condition that had started to deteriorate yet again and fairly rapidly after 2 operations. I was getting severe headaches on a daily basis along with visual disturbances regularly. I found driving very uncomfortable and avoided it. I dreaded long distance or evening journeys and took public transport wherever possible.

I was told that the only treatment options available for such a problem if it worsened after my 2nd operation would be to undergo another surgery or invasive treatment with a toxin that I was not keen to pursue. It is not ideal to have more than 3 of the surgeries in one lifetime due to scar tissue formation, which complicates the overall results and makes them even more unpredictable. Both options carried significant risks and no guarantee that the condition would improve long term.

After just 1hr with Denis, I noticed an immediate improvement with my eyes. It has been a week and I have been able to drive long and short distances without that silent dark fear that used to accompany me every time.

I am indebted to Denis for what he has been able to do to me and am a true believer in his gift! I have an appointment at Moorfields in less than a month and am sure that they will be shocked to see the change in my eyes. I doubt that they will suggest any treatment whatsoever.

Thank you so much for lifting this tremendous brick of anxiety off my shoulders and showing me that I am in control.
— Anonymous - Dentist